Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to make a Billow

Blankets into Pillows become ? BILLOWS

Sooo, unless I come up with a better name BILLOWS it is:
Here is the first one of these...

Fabric is Double sided minky or you could use cuddlecloth.

Cuddlecloth is a little looser weave.

This is a luxurious double sided minky that came from G Street Fabrics - MY very favorite place of
fabric and inspiration.

So, the blanket size (by creation accident as usual) is 58 by 42.   The sides are folded under and first top stitched on the edge and because of the thickness and softness of the fabric a second stitching on top of the that row is antique quilting blanket stitched, the two sided blanket stitch from my sewing machine.

The edge can be whatever you want but I used about 2.5 inches around the edge and folded under half an inch because of the structure of doublesided minky being so soft and luxurious.  I used the really smooth side as the outside of the blanket, although either side can be out.  They both feel so good to the touch

The pillow was made separately to sew to the bottom of the blanket.

The machine embroidered hummingbirds were done on plain cotton and cut around to be appliqued onto the minky so as to leave a very soft inside of the pillow for feet if the new owner wants toe-tal luxury down to the toes.  The seam was one sewn and then overlocked so the edges would all be finished and soft to the touch of the toes and the edge was turned under about .75 inch and then blanket stitched to give a flat edge when putting your billow in.

Folding the Billow
Both sides of the pillow of the billow were embroidery appliqued

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