Saturday, June 13, 2020

Cats Wanna Have Fun too Quilt

 I have lots to do with my Etsy store and Ebay, but now I want to work on my Cat Quilt...(Quillow)
This will start with a plan...  15 Blocks of Kitty Fun and 4 more for pillow pocket and toss pillow to match.


So I am going to let them...LOL
They wanna drive cool cars
They wanna do cool things

They want new trips and adventures..

They like to go places with friends, too

Oooh and I think they might want to go bowling... we'll see

Be Ready and It will be for sale on Etsy on my site...... someday! RFLOL
If pugs can do it so can Cats... have to compete with this one

The Quillow folded into the Pillow Pocket