Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Supplies I use to quilt on my little sewing machine

Metal Bands to roll the quilt so it will fit under my sewing machines space

You can find these on Amazon, I bought mine at GStreetfabrics

but they do not have them anymore.  I use these when  I am Freemotion quilting.

Start in the center of the quilt and quilt outwards, rolling your excess into the band so you can fit that side under your machine body.   I have a SMALL space.

Tailors Wood Clapper Block or Quilters Clapper

Mine Looks like this block, and I have pressing cloth like this

This set was found on Ebay, I don't know where I got my things, I have had them for a long time.

Compare prices, you can buy the block separate at many venues and many different prices.

I have one like this that I can put my fingers in the side grooves when I am using it to flatten the seams open on the quilt top to press

I use the clapper with a wool pressing mat, You can again find many different ones, but this size is a bigger size- the bigger the better.  I got mine at GStreetfabrics, but we no longer carry them.