Monday, November 28, 2016

Billow- Doggies on the Billow

This is the making of a Billow

I don't really plan first, I look at the fabric and see what I can do.

 Remember the Billow is a blanket that folds into a pillow-hence billow..... it is not quilted so I don't call it a quillow.

I have this double-sided white minky


This is the lump of double-sided minky

Up in the corner you see some doggies-machine embroidery peeking out.

You don't need a huge studio although it would be nice.

I have a card table that my project is resting on.

This is the Doggie head laid out on the pillow pocket piece I have cut off the bottom of the long piece of double sided minky

This is the other machine embroidered doggie head laid out on the pillow pocket piece

Nothing is sewn yet - I am just laying everything out to see how it will look and how big the billow will be

I am thinking this is a really big piece so I can make a big billow blanket and make the billow pillow bigger or make it like a quillow so the pillow pocket itself is reversible.... In other words use four doggies and then they can flip them whatever way they like the doggies.

Now I have to hunt for other doggies around here.... I think I had a Saint Bernard.... Hunt Hunt...  

The Decision is made... I am going to do the pillow pocket so that it folds into four pillow tops and then my grand daughter can make whichever doggie fold out she wants to look at.

All four doggie faces are placed on one long side strip of the double sided minky

This can then be fold in half and sewn on one side, flipped and folded in half and then sewn so the other side can be flipped and one end is open


These faces were satin stitched around edge and freemotion outlined around appropriate facial features, ears, eyes, nose cheeks etc. - The double sided minky gives them the 3 D look... 

Pillow Pocket

  HERE ALL SIDES ARE SEW but the TOP END  NOW it has to be attached to the blanket......

The open end is sewn on the bottom side blanket seam to pocket edge on bottom and inside open edge is hand sewn so pocket can be turned inside out for other doggies to be on outside of billow pocket.

 This is showing the very back edge where I have hand sewn it together.  When you turn the blanket over you see the open pocket that you fold the blanket into or stick your feet in  😝😜😜😜

BLANKET folded in three and rolled into billow pillow!

THE ROLL SHOULD BE THE SIZE OF THE PILLOW POCKET WHEN YOU GET TO THE EDGE and JUST ROLL IN.... and hold edges and SHAKE.... It will be soft and Squishy

or    Turn Pocket inside out and roll the other side in and get the other two doggies!





DONE !! 😂